BeaconSense® is the machine-machine pillar of the XYZ Technology portfolio.

Using the same low cost components that power GestureSense®, BeaconSense® allows for discrete sensors to detect each other’s presence, angle, and range. Unique IDs and other information can be communicated at no extra cost using the same hardware.

Our BeaconSense® firmware drives standard components that you integrate into your products opening up simple sensor components to do more than just touchless gesture control, but allowing for advanced machine-machine positioning and interactive use cases such as:

  • Simulated AI in toys.
  • Tracing a shopping cart’s path within a store for retail analytics.
  • Localization, Path Finding, and Route Planning for robots.
  • Biometric analysis such as gait analysis of a patient to help doctors diagnose brain disease and clinicians deploy low-cost hardware for monitoring.
  • Swarming intelligence.


BeaconSense® enables:

  • MiPosaur to chase his ball
  • CHIP to follow his owner's wearable and find his docking station
  • Machine 2 Machine awareness and A.I. in REV
  • Locating a shopper within a store and providing them with relevant shopping information
  • The analysis of the walking motion of a patient to help doctors diagnose brain disease
  • and more to be revealed soon