XYZ Interactive has patents granted, laid open, and provisionals filed for unique methods and a wide range of wavelengths, applications, embodiments and markets.

Competitive Differentiators:

• Our physical design is straightforwardly simple with a very short bill of materials, presenting a natural cost advantage of little material cost and an adaptable, robust footprint for manufacture and integration.

• Unlike triangulation or time of flight, no minimum distance from the sensor is required in order to correctly measure position.

• Methodology gives inherent resistance to interference from ambient light and sound, therefore our technology, although IR-based, can operate effectively in most conditions.

• Output is a continuous serial digital stream of precise coordinates and pattern recognition events from on-chip gesture classifiers or control system parameters.

XYZ Interactive has been granted registered trademark status for GESTURESENSE which its customers are using to convey HMI use-case functionality in their products as well as BEACONSENSE which its customers are using to convey the M2M use-case functionality in their products.

XYZ can work with the unique requirements of a specific customer or market to develop a specific licenseable embodiment of its technology.
Unique sensors and sensor arrays can be developed to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss further.